Feel Safe On the Go

Lacakin helps you feel safe while on the go,

allowing friends and families to follow your

adventure and achievements.


Helpful Mobile Apps

Lacakin helps you feel safe while on the go, allowing friends and families to follow your adventure and achievements.


Create and Sharing Activity

Create your own activity and share it with your friends and family


Now you can have a conversation with all the person in the same activity

Picture Sharing

Share your picture with your friend in the same activity

Instant Event Registration

Register to listed event easily with LACAKIN.

For event organizer; you can easily track the participant by using LACAKIN dashboard. You will able to see the full information about the participant and his/her live location. 

Dashboard Tracking

Easily manage your event from registration to race pack collection. Now, you don's have to manually list all the event necessity which in some occasions force you to do mistakes. 

Event Management

Get The Most Out of Lacakin

Using Lacakin on your smartphone requires an event code. After creating your account, you can create and manage unlimited event codes. If you plan to organize an event requiring the full features of Lacakin, please let us know, we will be happy to assists in setting up routes, checkpoints and custom markers. Go ahead, have a try.

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